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Welcome to Valiyaveettil Kudumbayogam. This is one of the most ancient and prominent families of Sree Vallabha Puram now known as Thiruvalla. The “Tharavadu” was a “Nalukettu on the western side of Sree Vallabha Temple. The family deity Valiyaveettil Devi” was worshipped on the Southern portico of the “Tharavadu”. After the demolition of the age old Nalukettu building, the portion was re-constructed to be the present “Valiyaveettil Devi Temple”.

          By that time the family had grown big enough and for convenience it was branched into eight branches or “Sakhas”.  Each such Sakhas constructed Seperate houses also by then. 

The eight  "Sakhas" are           1.   Alappattu     2.     Thettalil  (panackal )    3.   Kannanchira     4.    Kodickal    5.    Nampellil       6.  Edappattu      7.   panayappillil     8.    Puthillath  (  Cheppilayil/Manikkunnu  )     

All these Sakhas have their  "Tharavdu " houses   ( clan Home  )    constructed  in Mathilbhagom or Kizhakkummuri area only of  Sreevallabha Puram .

Latest  News & Events

  • punar prathishta of the new "UDAVAL" AND Annual Kalasam will be done on wednesday July 3, 2019,