Family History

Valiyaveettil family  is a well known family of Thiruvalla since ancient times,  even from  the begining of history of the  place and even before the Sree Vallabha Temple was set  up.


The family home  of Valiyaveedu was located to the south of the Sankaramangalam Madhom compound  located on the west side of the Sreevallabaha temple.The Southern face of the Quadrangular home of the Tharavad (Clan home) is where the present Valiyaveettil Temple is located

There is a  Devi Temple at Ayyankoikkal,  Kureepuzha (East),Kollam, on the shore of Lake Ashtamudi ,belonging to Nelluvilla family. A younger sister of the head of this family, by  the  name Sreedevi, along with her son Mukundan ,left the home on pilgrimage . After visiting many places they reached the Sankaramangalam Illam (Namboothiri home) and met Sreedevi  AntharJanam, who was   a house holder Yogini , and was a devotee of Lord Vishnu . At her request the visiting  Sreedevi (commonly known as Chiruthechi) and her son stayed on at that Illam.

Meanwhile since there was no news of Sreedevi and her son after they had  left home, her brother -in-law Padmanabhan, nicknamed as Kuthirapakshi,  set out in search of them and eventually , traced them to  Sankaramangalam Illam and met them. This gentleman made acquaintance of the priests known as "Pathillathil Pottimar". For a long  time the two Sreedevi's carried on their ardent devotion of Lord Vishnu with Ekadashivratam. Mukundan looked after the management of the affairs of the Illam.

On a Dwadashi  day (Next day after Ekadashi) Lord Vishnu presented himself before them in the form of Vamana  and granted them salvation . After installing sudarshan chakra and bestowing all  management on Mukundhan the pious ladies attained their heavenly abode.

After the demise of Mukundan , the Vilakili Madhom requested the service of Padmanabhan for managing affairs of Sree Vallabha Temple and    the accounts. He agreed to it. Two posts of Temple Accountants are reserved for this family even now at SreeVallabha Temple. Three Namboothiri  families including vilakkili Illam jointly built a big House at the south end of the Sankaramangalam  Compound for  Padmanabhan  and his wife Lakshmi. A good part of this Sankaramangalam family  properties were made over to this family. Since the house was the biggest structure in the area it came to be  known as Valiyaveedu .The present Valiyaveedu clan are the descendants of Padmanabhan and Lakshmi.. Their ancesteral Gods and Snake deities are installed at the house campus and worshipped .As time went , the  Clan split into eight branches and started staying separately. These are

1.     Alappattu       2.     Thettalil (Panakkal)     3.   Kannan Chira     4.  Kodickal

 5.    Nampellil       6.      Edapattu.                    7.    Panayapellil       8.   Puthillathu   (Cheppilayil / Manikkunnu)

 Panakkal is part of    Thettalil Branch   and    Cheppilayil   and   Manikkunnu   are sub-branches of   Puthillathu Branch.


 With the ravages of time, the  old Nalukettu disintegrated . In 1947 all the members of the eight branches of Valiyaveedu got together and drew up a settlement under which the ValiyaVeettil Temple and the Snake deities were together provided 12.5 cents of Land and some of the properties were transferred  to Cheppilayil and Kodickal families on certain conditions. It was decided to renovate the surface of the ancestral home and to build the family temple of Devi there. On the 10th day of Medom in 1948 (April), the temple was constructed and the reinstallation of the Deity was performed.

In 2001 on the 11th of March all members of the branches of the family met to decide on the renovation / restoration of the Temple and reinstallation of the deity. At a further meeting on  23rd April same year, Valiyaveethil Kudumba yogam was formally constituted.

Alapatt Branch

To the West of the South West corner of the Sree Vallabha Temple campus there was one  Ettukettu which was the orginal abode of this branch. A Part of it was demolished and the house was redesigned as a  Nalukettu. The successors to the property eventually demolished even this structure and built a similar one in its place.

Thettalil Branch

The Thettalil family home is located at the south west corner of Kizhakkummuri  at the East end of Mathilil Bhagom--Kizhakkummuri road,  about 2kms to the east, by the roadside. One big house and its extension are still existing. It is now in the possession of others.

There is one sub-branch of this family called Kochu Thettalil, on the West side of this house. It is the residence of Kochupillai Karanavar. There used to be one big house and extension(chavadi) here.

Kannanchira Branch

On the road from the South West corner of the Sree Vallabha Temple to Dwadashi Mattom adjoining the river, and the north of Dwadashi Mattom is Kannamchira Mattom. A new house is now built here in place of the ancestral house.

Kodickal Branch

One big house and two extensions constituted this Tharavad at the South West Corner of the Sree Vallabha Temple. Presently the big house and one extension stand demolished for new construction. One extension with some modifications still survives. (This is now in possession of others.)

Nampellil Branch

About one kilometer from Kavumbhagom on the Kavumbhagom- Kizhakkummuri road, on the east side of the road stands the new house built in place of the ancestral house of this branch, which was large with prominent frontage and a wooden  Cellar (for grains) and had an extension and kitchen.

Adjacent to this , Vadakke Nampellil ,a branch of the ancestral home was existing  . This is also  now  re-constructed. 

Edappattu branch

On the first left turn on the Sreevallabha Temple - Kavumbhagom road, to the south of Panackal house is the Edappattu Tharavadu.  The old  "Valiyapura " stands in the same form. Now it is owned by  the Panackal Sakha. Originel Edappattu family members have settled at Thiruvananthapuram now.

Panayappallil Branch

Tharavadu is on the Mathilbhagom - Kizhakkummuri road, on the south east side of Dwadasimadhom ( present Sapasthanam of Sree Vallabha temple ). The Valiyapura and Chavadi are kept in the same condition with slight modifications.

Puthillathu branch

Tharavadu was a Nalukettu on the north western corner of Sree Vallabha Temple. After change of ownership tharavadu building was demolished and a new building constructed there.

On the western side of this is west Puthillathu house. Family members now stay in this  modified building.

Cheppilayil Tharavdu which comes under Puthillathu clan is on the south western side of Valiya veettil Temple.The Valiyapura is demolished but chavadi remains there.A new house was constructed close to the Valiyapura, where family members stay now.

Manikkunnil house which comes under Puthillathu clan is a bit away from Sree Vallabha Temple on the south east direction. Tharavdu is modified and family members stay there.