General Body Meeting of the family members held on 23.4.2001 approved a Bye-Law for our Valiyaveettil Kudumbayogam.  Management of the Kudumbayogam and Valiyaveettil Devi Temple is done as per this Bye- Law.

          Salient  points are:

1.       The General Body will meet in APRIL every year on Pathamudayam day.

2.       Management of the yogam, Devi Temple and its asset is entrusted to a 21 member committee represented by all “sakha” of the Valiyaveettil “Tharavadu” and elected by the General Body.  The term of the committee is 3 yrs (three years only)

3.       An executive committe comprising of a president, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Devaswom Secretary is constituted  from among this committee to look after the day to day affairs.

4.       Proper records of the meeting, account (receipts and expenditure) and a bank account is maintained for the yogam.  Annual accounts, balance sheet and budget must be audited by an auditor selected by the General Body and accounts and audit report must be presented to and approved by the Annual General Body Meeting every year.

5.       Every family unit is eligible for membership and they should submit the request in the proper form to the secretary along with a one time membership fee of Rs. 1000/-

6.       Amount thus collected will remain as fixed Deposit with Bank and interest is used for daily routines of the temple.

7.       Kudumbayogam is formed for keeping good and friendly relationship amongst the members of the family by organising Annual Meetings and for the upkeep of the family temple and Sarpasthanam.


                            Present Executive committee


Smty.     K. Ponnamma      (Kodickal )                               patron

P.Krishna Pillai                   (Nampellil )                              president

R. K. Nair                             ( Kannanchira )                       vice president

P.Kesava Pillai                   (Kannanchira )                         Secretary

K.Sasidharan Pillai            (  Alappattu )                             joint Secretary

E. K. Vijayan                      (Kodickal )                                Treasurer

K.Surendran Nair              (Kodickal )                                 Member

G.Sasi Kumar                    (Kodickal )                                Member

C. V. Nanda Kumar           (Puthillathu )                              Member

Anil.K.Pillai                        ( Puthillathu )                             Member

S.Narayanan Nair              (Nampellil )                               Member

N.Gopinathan Pillai            (Nampellil )                               Member

G..Vinu                              (Kannanchira )                           Member

S.Satheesh Kumar            (Panayappillil )                           Member

M. Mohan Kumar               (Alappattu )                               Member

N.Namasivayam Pillai       ( Edappattu )                              Member

Smty. P. V. Jayasree        ( Chettalil )                                 Member

Smty. P. L. Rajamma        (Nampellil )                                Member

Smty. K. Chinnamma        (Puthillathu )                              Member

Smty.  S. Indira Devi         (Kodickal )                                 Member

P.  Krishna Kumar              (Chettalil )                                Auditor