Poojas are done regularly at the temple on every Malayalam calender month 1st day and on full moon day (Pournami).  Special poojas are organised on Pathamudayam  day (APRIL 23) “Punarprathishta annual day (JULY 2) and Sarpam Pooja at the Sarpasthanam (November)

          A Pournami Sankham is functioning under the quidance of the committee and they organise the special  poojas and ‘Vayana’ on pournami day (fullmoon) Pournami poojas can be booked by family members.  Rate for one days pooja is Rs. 1500/-

          Other poojas also can be sponsored by family members.  Poojas can also be arranged on other days if a family member so desires.  Advance information must be given to the secretary in such cases to make arrangement.  Such poojas will cost Rs. 1200/- Another special Vazhupad offered to valiyaveettil Devi for getting her blessings and the prosperity for family members is the “Theeyattu”.  This starts with “Kalam Ezhuthu” in the afternoon “Kalam Pooja” in the evening and “Pattu and Thullal” at night.  The cost of this vazhupad done by Theeyattu Unni’s at the temple now comes around Rs. 15,000/-

POOJA   DAYS   OF  2018

January      1     Monday               Pournami

January     15    Monday               Makaram  1

January      31   Wednesday         Pournami

February     13   Tuesday              Kumbham  1

February      25   Sunday             SARPAM POOJA

March          1    Thursday            Pournami

March          15   Thursday            Meenam  1

March          30    Friday                 Pournami

April             14    Saturday           Medam 1

APRIL          23    Monday             PATHAMUDAYAM

April              29    Sunday             Pournami

May               15    Tuesday             Edavam  1

May                29    Tuesday            Pournami

June               15     Friday                Midhunam  1

June               27    Wednesday          Pournami

JULY                2     MONDAY           PUNARPRATHISHTA DINAM

July                17    Tuesday             Karkidakom  1

JUly                27    Friday                Pournami

August           17    Friday                 Chingam  1

August            28   Saturday             Pournami

September     17    Monday               Kanni  1

September      24    Monday               Pournami

October           18   Thursday            Thulam  1,MAHANAVAMI

October           24   wednesday         Pournami


November        17    Saturday          Vrichikam  1

November         22   Thursday         Pournami

December         16   Sunday            Dhanu  1 

December          22  Saturday         Pounami